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If you want to be a good leader, improve your communication skills says Millipic

If you want to be a good leader, improve your communication skills says Millipic

5th September 2017

Sales and Marketing Experts, Millipic pride themselves on their ability to nurture the talents of their workforce and are always looking to build the next generation of leaders. In a seminar held for their contractors, the firm explained how good communication skills can help them become successful young professionals.

Within their application process young professionals look for individuals who are personal able, have a committed attitude and have solid communication skills. They believe that these traits, particularly communication skills are important within the sales and marketing industry due to the face-to-face nature of the business. In order for contractors to build long lasting relationships with their customers they must build a trusting relationship with them. However, Millipic don’t just believe that communication is important for work in the field but find it is also essential in an individuals own personal professional development.

The MD of the firm recently stated:

“Communication is key to both being successful at our job but also in our relationships with our co-workers. It builds trust and that is key to growing as a leader”

The recent workshop outlined 3 key things leaders with impressive communication skills always do:


  • Provide helpful information

By providing helpful information, leaders create the aura that they are problem solvers. People naturally follow those who can help them and will therefore be attracted the prospect of communicating with you if you provide them with business solutions.


  • Have a consistent approach

Consistency of tone is also essential. Millipic used the example of a leader who consistenly flipped from laid back and fun one minute and then extremely buttoned up the next minute. In this case, most contractors agreed that they would not know how to trust this individual. Consequently, they suggest that consistency is key to maintaining trust.


  • Honesty and Authenticity

They also stressed the importance of honesty in what you are saying. No one wants to follow a liar. Good communicators don’t sacrifice their authenticity for cheap point but instead stay authentic and consistent when communicating.


Moving forward, Millipic hope that their contractors took on board these key tips but also the point that communication is not simply limited to their work but how they interact with their co-workers. Leadership is built on the foundations of strong relationships that Millipic believe is necessitated by good communication skills.


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