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Maximise the impact of your LinkedIn profile using Millipic's top tips

Maximise the impact of your LinkedIn profile using Millipic’s top tips

18th October 2017

With 467 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has secured its place as a powerful platform for professional connections and recruitment.  

Millipic an up and coming sales and marketing specialist is urging LinkedIn users to maximize their capabilities when using LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is the most powerful social media tool for businessmen and women to enhance their networking capabilities.  LinkedIn boasts a reach of 467 million users worldwide with all of their profiles and contact information at user’s fingertips.  As all, ‘All-Star’ LinkedIn users know once the profile is set up, it’s all about achieving a presence, making the profile stand out in a crowded audience.

Millipic reveals their top tips when looking to make an impact using LinkedIn:

  1. Make it visible. Be sure to make the entire profile public to ensure people can readily view all content and maintain interest when they are researching potential new connections.
  2. Keep it current. Active profiles can boost reach by 60% when status updates are made at least 20 times per month.
  3. Direct People to it. Make sure personal referrals are made to view the profile, QR codes are a simple tool, that can easily be added to business cards, CVs and pitch letters.
  4. Repurpose it. To create a uniform representation of the personal brand, it can be a simple way to bulk out a profile with career-defining highlights, including successful projects or business acquisitions, etc., take information directly from personally owned web pages and quote any external references to positive projects.
  5. Get a copy of it. Be sure to utilize LinkedIn’s export feature, turn your profile into an easy to print PDF & take it with you when out networking.

James Clarke MD of Millipic urges people to take advantage of a unique opportunity to showcase accomplishments and skills, when you may otherwise be engaged in other business. “By monitoring daily, a LinkedIn profile can help work as a personal marketer for both your business and self, answering queries from potential new business opportunities, be sure your profile opens doors instead of closing them.”

Millipic was developed to bridge the gap between brand and consumer. Their creative approach moves away from traditional methods and instead focusses on person to person communication. The firms’ strategies are developed with brand vision in mind, and our handpicked teams are selected to match ethics and approach, their services are designed to run seamlessly with current campaigns.

With experience spanning years in the industry, businesses can accelerate their growth projections by hiring in the experts. Millipic’s culture is developed around pride and elite service. The added value to customer experience can be measured through increased customer retention rates.



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