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Millipic announce winter R&R trip to drive competition among team members

Millipic announce winter R&R trip to drive competition among team members

6th October 2017

This week Millipic announced details of an exclusive upcoming R&R trip to Iceland. The firm actively drive fierce competition within the company headquarters and hope this new incentive will attract aspiring young entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals to join their ranks as they continue to grow.

The sales and marketing collective is based in Newcastle and pride themselves on being the Northern city’s newest and most competitive full-service marketing firm. Their creative nature allows brands to spread their brand vision far and wide, and their hands-on approach provides a comprehensive, personalised take on direct marketing straight to the consumer. Millipic is always on the lookout to boost clients’ customer bases and securing larger market shares through their engaging and innovative marketing strategies which separate them from the rest of the firms in the industry.

This recent winter R&R incentive is one of many company perks on offer for top performers and the group are hoping similar incentives will attract more talent to the firm.

Millipic believe successful and ambitious performers deserve to be rewarded for their consistent hard work and ability to meet targets and work beyond expectations. A trip to Iceland could not be better of a reward, considering that the Nordic island country is home to so many wonders inspiring a number of entertainment and cultural exploits over the years.

Brand representatives are reportedly very excited about the opportunity and have been pulling out all the stops in a bid to win the chance to visit the home of the Northern Lights and otherworldly sights. Millipic are the first firm to offer their contractors such an exhilarating and uniquely adventuruous Scandinavian adventure, so it is unsurprising that this has unleashed such excitement across the company.

Millipic Managing Director, James Clarke, has previously weighed in on the importance of generating friendly competition among contractors. Clarke stressed how recruiting individuals with a sports-minded nature enable the team to perform better and improve as they grow within the sales and marketing industry.

The competitive nature of the industry means those with a sports background and competitive nature often demonstrate a stronger resolve and ability to out-perform themselves every time. For this reason, offering incentives of this kind is likely to result in a boost in morale and success-generating attitudes among the Millipic team.

This final incentive of 2017 is set to propel the firm into the last quarter of the year and Clarke is expecting to see an exciting next year filled with new incentives and personal development programmes.

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