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Millipic believe if you’re not doing these things you will struggle to become a top performer.

8th February 2018

Direct sales and marketing agency, Millipic urges all entrepreneurs within the industry to follow the steps they have set out to ensure that they become top performers.

Becoming the best in your field or a champion” is just as much about having a winning mindset as it is any other factor. For example, If you look at rugby players you would be forgiven for assuming that the fact their ability to win is almost solely down to their physical attributes.
However, the emotional and mental aspects of the game have an equally vital role to play. Becoming a top performer is about your mindset, the mental awareness along with the preparation. Without being in control of these areas, it’s going to be an uphill struggle to reach the top.
Millipic has devised a list of things you should be doing to become a top performer:
Create a personal philosophy and stick by it:
If you fail to have a clear goal and outline of what it is that you want to achieve, who you want to become and how you accomplish the goal, in all honesty, you are probably wasting your time.
When it comes to changing your mindset, without having the correct mental skills and the ability to calibrate who you are, with who you want to become is an unrewarding and draining experience. Creating a personal philosophy is going to help change that. There is a sense of power that is derived from having one; it’s important to reverse engineer our paths to success, you must start with the end in mind to become who you want to be.
Optimism is key:
In all aspects of life whether it be sports, business and life, in general, its essential to focus on the positives in every experience. You must acknowledge that change is always possible pessimism and optimism are both learned behaviours. It’s important to be aware of your inner dialogue, everyone has negative thoughts, and one of the worst things you could do is ignore them. Acknowledge them, learn from them and move on.
Be driven, but avoid unnecessary attachment:
Being driven is an unavoidable trait if you want to become the best. You have to want to succeed so badly that you are willing to run through brick walls and push yourself beyond your limits. However, it’s worth pointing out that at some point despite your drive and will to succeed, you will fail. However, it’s crucial to view failure as a success, as an invaluable learning tool.
It’s ok to be hurt or upset by failure, especially when you get caught up in the moment. It is what you are willing to do afterwards that will define you; these experiences can push you forward in a way that nothing else can. Keeping such a mindset ensures that you never repeat the same mistake twice but also makes you much more experienced and aware of the processes.
Recovery is critical; listen to your mind and body.
It is quite frankly impossible to become better physically or mentally if you’re always running on empty. To perform at your highest possible levels, you need to pay attention to your recovery every day. It’s understood that there are four pillars of recovery: Diet and Hydration, Sleep, Exercise, and mental practices. In sport or not if you want to be the top performer you are going to need to make time for focus and recovery.
Millipic was developed to bridge the gap between brand and consumer. Their creative approach moves away from traditional methods and instead focuses on person-to-person communication. The firm’s strategies are developed with brand vision in mind, along with handpicked teams selected to match ethics and approach, the services on offer are designed to run seamlessly with current campaigns.
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