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Millipic break down millennial work ethic misconceptions

Millipic break down millennial work ethic misconceptions

4th October 2017

Millennials tend to draw the short stick when it comes to workplace-based prejudices. Commonly seen as the lazy generation, the entitled or the uncommitted ones; millennials tend to be judged so fast that there seemingly is no room left for a good reputation to be built. Millipic disagrees with the negative misconceptions about the millennial generation and state there are a world of positives that business and society are completely missing out on by these prejudices.


While the years of birth for what make up the millennial generation are widely debated, what is common is every young generation since the dawn of modern media have been complained about by previous generations. A younger Generation X were described as lazy and problematic, the same could be said for the baby boomer generation. It is a cycle of repetition where a young generation will be blamed or even described to display certain attributes but one thing to understand is that this generation is hardwired to use tech in a manner unlike any other generation. While the complaint ‘they are glued to their phones’ stands, millennials are able to process information through technology like no other.


Even revered business motivational speakers such as Simon Sinek has demonstrated his contempt for the millennial generation, citing the generation as narcissists, impatient and lacking in confidence. Other common misconceptions are that they leave 5 pm on the dot, don’t answer company emails on weekends, make terrible employees etc. Ultimately these are harmful stereotypes to have when this generation makes up a big chunk of a steadily aging population, it makes no sense to look at perceived weaknesses and avoid appreciating the strengths that the younger generation demonstrates.


Millipic breakdown the common misconceptions about millennials:


  1. Millennials lack loyalty to their employer

Contrary to popular perceptions, millennials reportedly stay with their employer longer than generation X did at the same ages. What this demonstrates is that millennials face a labour market that is characterised by fewer employer switches and other types of career transitions.


  1. Millennials do not know how to work

This is untrue for the reason that millennials are the generation who are able to use technology and research methods to provide short-cuts to get tasks done in the most efficient, least time consuming way possible while hitting out the max results.


  1. Millennials won’t do what they are told at work

In one poll, 41% of millennials agreed that ‘employees should do what their manager tells them, even when they can’t see the reason for it,” compared with 30% of baby-boomers and 30% of generation X.


  1. They are the entitled generation

Every generation was described this at the same age. Millennials want to do a job with purpose and do something meaningful in life. Most companies do not provide their young employees with the desired setting.


Millipic endeavour to empower this new tech-savvy generation; the company focuses on stressing how each member contributes to the overall success of a business but also takes an active interest in guiding their entrepreneurial pursuits. The sales and marketing firm based in Newcastle have developed a comprehensive programme that enables the young professionals to guide their own development in the sales and marketing industry.



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