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Millipic delve into the three skills salespersons will need in the future

Millipic delve into the three skills salespersons will need in the future

25th October 2017

Sales and Marketing experts Millipic has this week revealed the three essential sales techniques they want each of its contractors to work on. The firm is looking forward to the final quarter of the year and is keen that their sales representatives are ready to face the opportunities provided during the Christmas season. Millipic understands that customers are more likely to spend during the lead up to Christmas and is adamant that its contractors nurture and practice three essential skills to exceed their sales targets. They are as follows:


1)    Listening

Rather than running straight into a sale and bombarding customers with a barrage of information, Millipic is a firm believer in presenting a product to someone in a civil manner and then listening carefully to their response. From the tone of the customers voice and their body language Millipic believe their sales representatives should then choose how they respond. They can then decide if the potential customer is worth their time or if they should shut down the sale and move on.


2)    Enthusiasm

When introducing the product, Millipic is hoping its contractors can convey vast levels of energy to maximise their chances of making a sale. The firm argues from a considerable body of research that positivity and enthusiasm are essential to creating a positive image of the product and in turn persuading individuals to purchase said product. With this in mind, Millipic wants each of its contractors to arrive at work with the positive mindset essential in the direct sales industry


3)    Tone of voice

Millipic also wants their contractors to understand that the effectiveness of their sales pitch is defined by their tone of voice. By altering their modulation, pitch and rhythm salespersons can make their pitch more effective. Millipic is confident that a monotone voice is less likely to persuade than one which is engaging and varied. Over the next month, the firm will be using its mornings to practice its sales pitches and create new approaches to drive engaging conversation.


Millipic is hopeful that its sales representatives utilise their top tips to make sure they are prepared for the field. The firm understands that the Christmas season can often be incredibly hectic and stressful, but is reassuring its workforce that by nurturing these three skills they will be more successful in the field.



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