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Millipic discuss the importance of tonality in a recent contractor workshop.

13th November 2017


Sales and Marketing experts Millipic are this week training their contractors on the importance of tonality in order to improve their chances of exceeding their sales targets. The lead up to Christmas can be a tough time, but the firm wants their contractors to understand that it is also a time of great opportunity where people are more likely to make purchases. 



Millipic was developed to bridge the gap between brand and consumer. Their creative approach enables them to move away from traditional methods and instead focus on person to person communication. Their strategies was developed with brand vision in mind, and handpicked professionals are selected to match ethics and approach. 


Millipic believes that the voice is a powerful tool within sales. As a result, the firm thinks it is important for professionals to have the ability to convey their points succinctly and passionately.  


Millpic feels that there are a number of ways in which professionals can work on their tonality. Firstly, the firm believes that voice inflexions when speaking and thinking of the critical points that need to be emphasised, as well as thinking about how the inflexions in the voice can all be interpreted as they alone can change the meaning of a sentence. Secondly, it is incredibly important to focus on the delivery of a pitch; practice makes perfect. Professionals should exude confidence and be engaging in order to drive their chances of success in the sales and marketing industry. Furthermore,  high energy is vital, while all three are linked, they are all different in their regard.  


This week, Millipic have been asking each of their representatives to pair up and practice their sales pitch using different tonal variations. Often people aren’t aware of what they sound like, so by practising their pitches with each other and gaining honest, and constructive feedback will help their team grow and improve.  


More often than not a voice can be trained just by being aware, however, its key that professionals take feedback onboard and work on any weaknesses. Millipic believes that it is always important for their contractors to take their time, be clear, concise, and get to the point.  






James Clarke, Managing Director 

07473 05360

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