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Millipic discusses the importance of likability within the sales and marketing industry.

Millipic discusses the importance of likability within the sales and marketing industry. 

25th January 2018

As a business that deals with customers on a face-to-face basis, likability is fundamentally one of the most important factors for Millipic and their brand ambassadors.  

Millipic is a direct sales and marketing firm based in Newcastle, the company work on behalf of brands to improve customer acquisition through face-to-face or direct marketing in the field. The business deploys a number of contractors that are well versed in client’s brands and can offer a unique insight into how consumers can get the most out of the client’s product or service.  

In order for the customer acquisition process to run as smoothly as possible, there has to be a strong element of likability, getting the consumer to feel trust, confidence and transparency from the brand ambassador will go along way to help to transform a potential customer into a paying customer. Millipic has released their top benefits for what happens when you’re likeable:  

Customer needs discovery will come to the forefront naturally: 

If the buyer likes the seller or ambassador, there is a much higher chance of them opening up when you ask them more challenging, in-depth and personal questions.  

Your insight and knowledge is considered genuine and taken seriously: 

When you’re liked, you’re deemed trustworthy, your ideas will be perceived in a far more credible light. A study titled “The role of interpersonal liking in building trust in long-term relationships” concluded that not only is liking an important determinant of trust in its own right but the widely studied… [concepts of] similarity of business values and frequency of personal interaction—operate through liking.” 

It is crucial to understand that if you want buyers to reciprocate your ideas and insights (and you do if you want to win the sale), being likeable will get you ahead of the game.  

Initiating and getting meetings is easier: 

The more people to like you, the more time they want to spend with you. The same concept applies to buyers, and they will agree to more meetings or spend more time listening to the sales pitch  

You’ll see a rise in the number of referrals: 

If the service offered has been received well by the buyer they are far more likely to refer others to their network. Sometimes you might have to ask for these types of introductions though.  

The firm regularly hosts workshops and one-to-one mentoring sessions that are tailored to increasing their contractor’s levels of likeability, transparency and delivery. The company understands that although someone might be able to provide in-depth insight on how the product or service will benefit the buyer. But if they don’t like you, you’re at an instant disadvantage.  

Millipic was developed to bridge the gap between brand and consumer. The firm’s creative approach moves away from traditional methods and instead focuses on person-to-person communication. Their strategies are developed with brand vision in mind, and their handpicked teams are selected to match ethics and approach, the company’s services are designed to run seamlessly with current campaigns. 

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