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Millipic host workshop on the paradoxical rules for entrepreneurial success

Millipic host Workshop on the Paradoxical Rules for Entrepreneurial Success

17th April 2018


Newcastle based direct sales and marketing specialists, Millipic hosted a workshop this week highlighting the paradoxical rules for entrepreneurial success.


Millipic are avid supporters of entrepreneurship; the firm has developed a tried and tested method of helping get the best out of their contractors so that they can become the future leaders of tomorrow. The customer acquisition specialists offer one-to-one mentoring with seasoned industry professionals and fantastic networking opportunities.


Furthermore, the firm host regular workshops that are designed to help educate their staff and contractors. They focus on a range of topics that will increase their entrepreneurial talent and teach them new and essential skills. A good entrepreneur will understand the importance of personal growth, and regularly read books and listen to industry related talks. They seek advice from successful entrepreneurs and look to apply the same tactics to their own businesses. Millipic understands that entrepreneurship is not just about following the right advice; it is also about balance and personal growth. The firm has recently hosted a workshop explaining some of the paradoxical rules of entrepreneurial success.


First and foremost, strive for excellence, but it’s crucial to avoid perfectionism. The idea of excellence is doing the best one can, with whatever is available, at any given time. It is vital to possess a spirit of excellence; it helps to produce work to be proud of and prevents shoddy and slacking worth ethics that will not serve any business well. However, do not mistake excellence for perfectionism. Humans are never perfect so wasting time on trying to find something that is unattainable will take up precious time and resources.


Secondly, be grateful but at the same time avoid coming across as desperate. Changing mindsets to being more grateful helps to improve moods and keeps the individual happy. A recent study produced by the Harvard Medical School has shown that expressing gratitude can be one of the best ways to help someone feel better. Although it is good to appreciate goodwill, some become dependent on it, there are times where this can come off as pushy or desperate and must be avoided. Accept those good opportunities will arrive in time.


“The journey of an entrepreneur is not as easy as people may think, it takes hard work and determination to reach the top. There are many paradoxical rules to entrepreneurship that a lot of people fail to distinguish and this is what derails their ability to be a success. This is why we held a workshop on the topic to help those within the company become the best they can be” – Stated a company spokesperson.


Millipic pride themselves on being one of Newcastle’s premier full-service marketing firms. The firm’s creative nature allows brands to spread their brand vision far and wide. With the hands-on approach taken it will enable full personalisation to take place in the consumer’s natural environment.


Brands are seeing a heavily saturated market, and there is a growing need to separate from the crowd. Millipic’s services include full representation, and their dynamic approach allows a 4D approach to boost engagement levels, securing a more significant market share, through a loyal customer base.



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