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Millipic investigates the habits of successful millionaires

Millipic investigates the habits of successful millionaires

22nd December 2017

Your habits dictate your results and good habits, implemented daily will result in success claims outsourced sales and marketing specialists, Millipic. 


In order for success, you must have a solid foundation in order to implement your ideas. Millipic has taken a keen interest in the habits of some Britain’s most successful millionaires and what they do to implement and improve on their own success.  


Millipic has devised four key habits that they believe you must implement in order to ensure success: 


You need a plan and to plan thoroughly:

For any business to be a success, there needs to be a plan. The better, more detailed, and thoroughly thought out the plan is for your activities in advance, the faster and easier it will be for businesses leaders to carry out their plans and get the results you desire when you first start out.  


It’s worthwhile to develop the habit of asking and finding an answer for a few of the following questions in order to ensure for better planning: 


  • What exactly is my product or service? 
  • Who exactly is my customer? 
  • Why does my customer buy? 
  • What does my customer consider value? 
  • What is it that makes my product or service superior to that of any of my competitors? 


Be organised, even before you start:  

Having first developed a plan for your business, it’s important to develop then the habit of organising your people and resources. Through organisation, it’s easier for you to pull together your resources people and everything you have devised in the planning process.  


Make sure you find the right people:  

This habit is arguably the most important. It’s understood that over 90 percent of your success as an entrepreneur will come down to hiring the right people to work on your team. Simply put the best companies in the world have the best talent and the best people.  


Communicate and keep everyone informed:  

Developing the habit of reporting results regularly and accurately is incredibly important. The people around you will want to know what’s going on, keeping them in the dark might inhibit them from being as effective as possible. Your key people at all levels of the business will need to know exactly what’s going on in order to achieve the company goals.  


“We often pick up habits throughout our lives, some good, often bad. It’s incredibly important to sit down and focus on what you want to do and where you want to go. It is incredibly important for entrepreneurs to develop good habits that they implement on a consistent basis so that it becomes second nature” Stated Millipic’s Managing director.  


Millipic was developed to bridge the gap between brand and consumer. Their creative approach moves away from traditional methods and instead focusses on face-to-face interactions. Their strategies are developed with brand vision in mind, and their handpicked teams are selected to match ethics and approach, their services are designed to run seamlessly with current campaigns. 


With experience spanning years in the industry, businesses can accelerate their growth projections by hiring the experts. The companies culture is developed around pride and elite service. Increased customer retention rates can measure the added value of customer experience. 



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