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Millipic reveals ten little-known facts about the iPhone X.

27th December 2017

With the iPhone X having recently launched, Apple fans, Millipic have revealed ten little-known facts about the recent release from the telecoms giant.

The world is becoming more digital and tech-savvy, the role smartphones play for entrepreneurs cannot be overstated. These incredible machines are like having a high-performance computer on hand at all times 24/7 and 365. Many young entrepreneurs have made their living through these devices alone. The ability to be contactable at all times is incredibly important in the modern world.

About the firm –

Millipic’s Managing Director James Clarke is a massive Apple fan and has been early anticipating the launch of Apple’s new masterpiece the iPhone X.

There are many new features of the new device that will are going to be beneficial for entrepreneurs:

Face ID:

While the previous security features on older generations of the iPhone’s were good, the introduction of facial recognition has made the new ten practically impenetrable. So if the phone finds itself in the wrong hands, all important data will be secure. An obvious benefit for a modern working professional.

Longer battery life:

The benefits of a longer battery life are pretty much self-explanatory. Longer battery life means the longer young entrepreneurs can be out in the field securing business without having to worry about finding a place to charge.

No more wires:

The days of having wires coming out of everywhere are soon to be gone. The new ten has the option of wireless charging this leading to a less cluttered working environment allow space for more important things for any entrepreneur and one less item to thing about day-to-day.

“Here at Millipic we can’t wait to get up and running with the latest addition to the iPhone family, the hardware that has been included is just mind-blowing. The device is faster, stronger better looking and comes with some fantastic new features that are going to allow us to work even faster and more efficient than ever before” stated a spokesperson for Millipic.”

The companies mission is to develop brand awareness in a crowded market, targeting the right people to maximise response.

Millipic was developed to bridge the gap between brand and consumer. Their creative approach moves away from traditional methods and instead focusses on person to person communication.

Their strategies are developed with brand vision in mind, and our handpicked teams are selected to match ethics and approach, their services are designed to run seamlessly with current campaigns. Having the right technology in place allows the company to work seamlessly, whether it be keeping in contact with clients and contractors and the day-to-day running of the firm.


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