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Millipic review the secrets to leadership success

24th August 2017

Newcastle-Based direct sales and marketing specialists, Millipic believe that every successful business is built on strong leadership foundations.

Effective leadership is the catalyst that makes all the other functions in a business work together; without the presence of leadership, business services are not able to work to their full potential. A savvy business leader is well adjusted to the needs of individual team members and keeps their skills fresh through continuous learning to maximise the effectiveness of their team.

Direct sales and marketing specialists, Millipic place a high value on leadership skills when seeking fresh talent to join their rapidly growing company.  ‘At Millipic, strong leadership has the biggest impact on making sure everything works seamlessly and that we stay on track to reach long-term business goals’ a spokesperson recently said for the firm.

With pressure mounting on effective leaders to be able to excel in every aspect of their role, the essential attributes of leaders in the sales and marketing industry have been put under the microscope, like never before.  A recent study that mapped out the ‘Anatomy of a Leader’ in the sales and marketing industry found 86% believed that strategic thinking was an essential attribute of a leader today. 61% valued relationship building as most important, with people management (60%), vision (59%) and problem-solving (57%) following behind.  At the other end of the spectrum, the least valued attributes were the visual presentation at 14%, general knowledge at 16% and written communication skills at 20%.

‘At Millipic we pride ourselves on our ability to nurture the talents of focused and ambitious young professionals who are passionate about a fruitful and long-term career in the sales and marketing industry. As such, we dedicate a significant amount of our time developing these individuals into efficient and robust leaders, who can manage and develop their team into being the best it can be’ said the company Managing Director.

Millipic is Newcastle’s newest full-service marketing firm; with their creative approach to sales and marketing, the company has moved away from using old-fashioned marketing methods and instead, has focused their talents and abilities on in-person communications to increase brand awareness, sales, and market share for their clients. Millipic teaches leadership skills to their staff and contractors through daily workshops and by attending regular industry conferences and seminars.



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