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Millipic on why superior company cultures promote these three things

28th September 2017

Millipic recently talked about why a winning company culture supports three benefits for its young professionals. When company culture is an increasingly more important feature for the industries of today, no one should get it wrong if they want to get the most from their workforce.


Newcastle-based direct sales and marketing specialists, Millipic is one of the latest in a series of marketing firms to comment on the increasing demand for companies to get their culture right. As the group explains, understanding the importance of a strong company culture can make all the difference between an organisation having impressive employee retention rates and reporting high employee satisfaction; or having high turnovers and low morale. Businesses should learn how to build a model of company culture that is right for them and demonstrates that they are investing in their employees; thus, allowing a business to get the best out of people.


Afterall, keeping people satisfied and motivated not only gives a better working environment but may come with other benefits like saving costs on short term and long term projects or through an increase in profits. ‘Look to some of the big players in the tech field’ states Millipic, ‘there are reports of these companies building running tracks, on-site gyms and all manner of perks for their employees’. However, Millipic is warning that this isn’t all that is needed to create great culture and that some companies have been too invested in making a company culture cool but not a culture that makes a genuine difference for their employees.


Millipic reveals three criteria for a stable company culture:


  1. Expectations must be explicit

According to Gallup research, 50 % of workers do not know what is expected of them and reportedly assume they are fulfilling their responsibilities with no confirmation that they are. While they enjoy some degree of autonomy and want the companies they work for to be successful, they also want to feel that an organisation has their back. Millipic understands that this is the case for new and old hires alike, if a company invests in the people they work with then those individuals will collectively want the company to thrive.


  1. Expectations must be Realistic

A survey of 3000 employees by Staples business advantage reported that more than half of the respondents felt overworked. 15% admitted to having to take a leave of absence due to workplace stress. Workers who are falling behind may not be unable; it may simply be a possibility they have more on their plate than they can deal with. It is important for managers or leaders of an organisation to support and have a dialogue with their team members.


  1. Collaboration not competition

While competition can be great to drive up sales among individual members of a team, some professionals may become distracted and less productive as a result of competition. By supporting and mentoring members of a workforce, retention will be higher, work-based goals will be met, and a feeling of camaraderie for a more positive environment will be witnessed.



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