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Millipic urge others to adopt peculiar strategy of looking for candidates with record of failure

Millipic urge others to adopt peculiar strategy of looking for candidates with records of failure

20th April 2018


Direct marketing and sales experts Millipic are urging firms to stop looking for the ‘perfect’ candidate and start looking at those who have encountered failure along their career path. The Newcastle-based firm believe that these people are better suited to helping companies move forward, as they may well have developed a nous to stop failure from happening again.


Startups and entrepreneurs often walk a fragile line between absolute genius and ultimate failure. It takes a particular sort of individual to be able to succeed in such an environment. These individuals need to be accepting and willing to make mistakes, learn and adapt. The world is always changing, and with rapid advancements in technology, individuals need to be able to work alongside it. If they don’t, they’re likely to ultimately fail anyway.


It is because of this ongoing risk that it’s important to assess potential candidates’ views on failure as early as possible within the application process. This involves going much further than discussing the previous problem they might have overcome in the past – find out the ones that didn’t go to plan, and how they overcame that failure. Find out how that individual might overcome an issue at the company they are interviewing for.


Millipic want businesses to find out what makes some candidates different from others. A good entrepreneur will have adapted their mentality to be accepting of failure whereas some naturally embrace it, identifying what makes the latter is the fundamental key to finding the best talent for startups or small businesses. It’s important to take the time to scratch to top off the applicant’s background and journey. It is a good idea to find a piece of information about the individual (doesn’t have to be directly related to the role) it’s more about finding out about the individual’s nature


Secondly, companies should investigate what risks a candidate has already taken. There is a major difference between the corporate and startup sector, and that’s the presence and acceptance of risk. A more established firm has the luxury of working the way they want to and don’t deem it necessary to try something new. However, start-ups and small businesses need to take risks in order to catch a big break. Instead of asking candidates about their most significant failures in their professional and personal life, try and find out what the candidate has been willing to risk to reach their goal. It’s one thing trying to ascertain what they learned from failures but its far more important to find out what they’re or have been willing to put on the line when they believe in something.


“Failure is a key aspect of entrepreneurship many people fear it, and that’s what stops them from getting to the next level in their career. Failure should be embraced as its the most powerful learning tool that can be afforded to someone, when looking at new candidates there is far more to consider when looking over a CV, there’s a backstory that has developed the applicant’s work ethic and will to succeed. Firms need to start looking at what people are willing to put on the line to become the best versions of themselves.” – stated James Clarke, Managing Director of Millipic.


Millipic was developed to bridge the gap between brand and consumer. The firm’s creative approach moves away from traditional methods and instead focusses on face-to-face communication. Their strategies have been developed with brand vision in mind, and handpicked teams are selected to match ethics and approach. Furthermore, their services are designed to run seamlessly with current campaigns.


With experience spanning years in the industry, businesses can accelerate their growth projections by hiring the experts. Their culture is developed around pride and elite service. The added value of customer experience can be measured by increased customer retention rates.



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