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New Study Condemning Visualisation Rattles Millipic

7th February 2018

Sales and marketing firm Millipic has responded to a new study that claims visualising a goal leads to impatience and impulsiveness, stating that when used correctly, visualisation is a vital tool in reaching professional goals.

The Newcastle-based outsourced sales and marketing firm, Millipic, create in-person marketing campaigns that focus on increasing brand awareness, sales and market share for their client’s. After moving away from traditional marketing techniques, the firm promotes the use of creative sales and marketing campaigns that improve the customer buying experience. Together with developing the client’s business, Millipic focus on the professional and personal development of their contractors. Part of this growth is the setting and visualisation of goals, which was why the firm was so shocked to hear of a new study that condemns visualisation.
The study into visualisation by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that when a person visualises their goals, there is a reduced chance of them reaching their final goal. The reason for this reduced chance of achieving a goal is because the study says that visualisation leads to impulsiveness, bad decision making and impatience as people are less likely to hold out for a significant reward.
Millipic strongly disagrees with the study and has seen first-hand in the company how visualisation helps it’s young, driven professionals to set out a clear path to their goals. On the contrary to the study, the firm believes that visualisation is such a powerful tool because of the idea that if a person sees’ their goal, then they are more likely to achieve it. The reason that a person is more likely to achieve their goals through visualisation is that the brand will recognise what resources are required to help reach a goal, it creates inner motivation, and it promotes positive thinking, which will keep a person on the right path to success.
Millipic will continue to teach their contractors to visualise their goals because they have seen first-hand how powerful of a tool visualisation is.

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