Welcome to Millipic. We pride ourselves on being Liverpool’s newest full-service marketing firm. Our creative nature allows brands to spread their brand vision far and wide. Our hands-on approach allows full personalisation to take place in the consumer’s natural environment.

Brands are seeing a heavily saturated market, and there is a growing need to separate from the crowd. Our services include full representation, and our dynamic approach allows a 4D approach to boost engagement levels, securing a more significant market share, through a loyal customer base.

About Us

As a full-service marketing company, here at Millipic, we take your brand from design to execution in a matter of days, meaning returns are almost immediate. Free consultations are available on request.

Why Millipic?

Why Do We Exist

Our mission is to develop brand awareness in a crowded market, targeting the right people to maximise response.

Millipic were developed to bridge the gap between brand and consumer. Our creative approach moves away from traditional methods and instead focusses on person to person communication. Our strategies are developed with brand vision in mind, and our handpicked teams are selected to match ethics and approach, our services are designed to run seamlessly with current campaigns.

With experience spanning years in the industry, businesses can accelerate their growth projections by hiring in the experts. Our culture is developed around pride and elite service. The added value to customer experience can be measured through increased customer retention rates.

Why Liverpool City Centre

It’s a Fantastic City of course, but here are our top favourite features of Liverpool that sealed the deal for us:

As the smallest major city in the world, it has a lot packed in. Culture, Great nightlife, fabulous shopping centres, and heritage. Not to mention the large talent pool from the Cities colleges and universities to help us build our empire with.

With plenty to do in the City, we committed to ensuring we had a well-rounded and looked after workforce, with every month packed out with local events we are sure we will never struggle to plan team days. The city boasts big name restaurants and well established and highly regarded local eateries, so we know our visiting clients will be taken care of too.

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