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To be successful, you must be a lifelong learner says Millipic

To be successful, you must be a lifelong learner says Millipic

31st July 2017

The sales and direct marketing firm Millipic are strong advocates of ongoing learning and believe that an individual’s thrust for knowledge can be the difference between success and failure. In a statement released last week, the firm explained why they encourage their young professionals to constantly expand their knowledge and skillset. The firm also outlined the various learning and professional development opportunities they offer budding entrepreneurs in order to help them become successful.

Sales and event marketing firm Millipic were recently astounded to learn that the UK employees have some of the lowest engagement levels in their job compared with other countries in the world.

Millipic believes that businesses have a duty to ensure that their workforce is engaged and challenged within their positions, especially if they want to run a productive and successful business.

Millipic’s innovative business model already supports this as they rely on the ambitious and driven nature of next generation of sales and marketing professionals to help drive the success of their business.

In a statement released by the firm, Millipic suggested that in order for businesses to ensure that their workforce feels fulfilled and engaged in their roles, more firms should build a culture that promotes continuous learning and development. The firm then outlined some of the reasons why becoming a lifelong learner can lead to entrepreneurial success.

Increased productivity – In a study conducted by Nudge Rewards, researchers found that when employers introduced highly engaging learning processes to their workforce, they experienced 18 percent higher productivity levels.

Maintains a competitive edge – Millipic believes that ongoing learning can help employees stay connected to industry trends and practices and in the sales and marketing industry, this knowledge and experience can be invaluable when looking for ways to deliver outstanding customer service.

Reduces workforce turnover – In their statement, Millipic explained that firms that take the time to invest in their workforce and make them feel appreciated through rewards and incentives, will naturally experience lower turnover, higher motivation, and loyalty levels.

Knowledge transfer – Millipic pride themselves on their ability to nurture the talents of focused and ambitious young professionals who are passionate about forging a successful career for themselves in the sales and marketing industry. As such, the firm dedicates a significant amount of their time in training budding entrepreneurs and passing on their years of knowledge and expertise to the next generation of sales and marketing professionals.

Based in Newcastle, Millipic offers budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to take control of their own professional development. The firm then equips young professionals with all the tools they need to succeed in the competitive sales and marketing industry by providing regular one on one mentoring, daily development workshops, national and international networking opportunities, and business management training.


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